Microcosm Design


EnergyAustralia Social Media

EnergyAustralia, one of Australia’s largest energy retailers, has taken the plunge and launched their first Facebook business page with the help of Microcosm Design. EnergyAustralia approached us to collaborate with their in-house social media team and help them develop a strong, consistent and engaging approach to their social media content across their existing Twitter account and their new Facebook property.

Microcosm helped kick off the launch of the new EnergyAustralia Facebook site with a creative customer engagement campaign featuring compelling and humorous imagery based around the idea of energy helping people have rich and fulfilling lives. We proposed the use of a hashtag “#becauseEnergy” which plays on the use of popular memes tagged #because… (ie. #becauseScience, #becauseRacecar, and #becauseCats) offering a lighthearted and humorous 'in-joke' to describe the obvious premise that as a consumer of energy you are able to enjoy all the things that it brings such as, warmth, cooling, refrigeration, fresh food, entertainment - all because (of) energy.


The EA Facebook launch has been a great success with higher than anticipated customer engagement (likes, comments, shares), fantastic buy-in and support from throughout the business. On average EA social customer engagement is some 300% above the average compared to competitors in the Australian Energy sector.

In addition to the EA Facebook launch campaign Microcosm are developing ongoing social media content such as image assets, content marketing imagery, infographics and social media advertising.