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Copy of Jones Nicholson MS Word templates



Jones Nicholson is an innovative, multi-discipline consulting engineer to the construction industry. Founded in 1970, it has grown to 9 locations across NSW and QLD.


Jones Nicholson required a set of Word templates that aligned their corporate communications and technical reports with their current branding. They needed to modernise their documents, and have them visually appealing and on-brand with clever functionality ensuring no mistakes where made in preparing long, technical reports.

Our Work

We designed and built fully automated templates with a customised ribbon to house all the formatting tools and Macros that expand the functionality of each template in one place.

These templates are consistently branded, clean and easy to use. Containing formatting tools such as a custom table/figure format, document setup and UserForms to insert frequently needed information via a checklist. All the UserForm content is controlled centrally and easily updated, so it is always up-to-date.

Jones Nicholson are now able to produce consistently branded, powerful collateral from templates that are easy to use.