Microcosm Design

Jackalope visitor map

Jackalope hotel is the go-to food and wine destination on Victoria's Mornington Peninsula. Jackalope offers immersive food and wine experiences delivered through its two restaurants, cocktail bar, winery and cellar door.

Microcosm has a long association with Jackalope via its winery, Willow Creek Vineyard, for whom we have designed wine labels, branding and illustration of a Vineyard Block Map which assists the cellar door staff when explaining the terroir and plantings to their customers.

Jackalope saw a need for their guests to find their way around the hotel precinct and the Mornington Peninsula and explore all of the top destinations during their stay. They approached us to help them concept, design and illustrate a map and location guide which could be given to guests on their arrival at the hotel and also act as a keepsake memento of their stay at the hotel.

We visited the hotel and vineyard, stepping out the layout of the grounds and documenting the surrounds with photography. We then consulted recent arial/satellite photography and architect plans to ensure we had an accurate, birds-eye view of the site. We then illustrated a map of the full block, including the vineyard, winery, Rare Hare and Doot Doot Doot restaurants, Jackalope Hotel, Flaggerdoot cocktail bar and surrounding grounds, a more detailed hotel precinct map and a regional map of the entire peninsula.

The vineyard maps employ a stylised, black and white style, of block and line. The building are drawn in isometric style to give the impression of three dimensions. The only colour employed are the bold numbered spots which highlight each point of interest for the reader.

The regional map uses a texture derived from the grainy, abstract, photographic artwork of Kate-Robertson Which was commissioned by the hotel and features, framed, on the walls of the hotel and also reproduced on the back of their menus.

Microcosm sourced a local producer of the patented map format that features a fold out 16-panel map sandwiched between two card panels. This style of map is ideal for the type of pocket guide map we were looking for. Microcosm worked with the printer to ensure the materials used and additional finishes applied were suitable for the luxury feel we were aiming for.

The maps have been a hit with the hotel guests and hotel staff have found them to be an invaluable tool to help guide their clients and send them on their way to make their weekend on the peninsula, and their stay at the hotel, a trip to remember.